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Stone Products

Thomas Stone & Materials provides several types of stone solutions. We can work with you or your landscaper in selecting the best possible product for your application.

Sawed & Chopped Stone

We carry a wide range of natural stone products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes including choped and sawed stone, random chopped stone, and ledgestone. We have limestone, sandstone, and fieldstone from Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico.

Chopped & Sawn

Shape: Typically squares to rectangles
Size: Heights are cut to specifications, typically 4-12”
Square to rectangular, random widths; 3-5” thick
Coverage: 40-45 square feet per ton


Shape: Rectangular in shape, strips
Size: Random heights, typically under 3” tall; random widths; 3-5” thick
Coverage: 45 square feet/ton (approximate)

Random Chopped

Shape: Rough-shaped Squares and Rectangles
Size: Random heights ranging 4” to 10” tall; square to rectangular widths; 3-5” thick
Coverage: 40-45 square feet per ton (approximate)

Patio Flagstone

Flagstone, also known as patio stone, is the term used for flat stones. It is normally about 1 1/2″ – 2″ thick, but can be provided at varying thicknesses depending on your needs. Flagstone is normally used to construct patios, walkways, and/or cover existing concrete. The price of flagstone is based on the weight and prices range from eight to twenty-five cents per pound.

2” Patio Flagstone

Size: Typically the face is larger than a dinner plate, but smaller than a chair cushion;
2-3” thick (approximate)
Coverage: 75-80 square feet per ton (approximate)

1” Patio Stone

Size: 1-2” thick (approximate)
Coverage: 110-120 square feet per ton (approximate)

Building Stone

Our building stone selection consists of many types of natural stone useful in both residential and commercial applications. This stone is available in all shapes and size. Building stone is used for new buildings, remodels, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, fireplace hearths, mantles, and more. Approximate coverage is 40 square feet per ton for standard applications or 75-80 linear feet on ledgestone applications.

Irregular Building

Shape: No pattern, random shapes
Size: Roughly 3-5” in thickness
Coverage: 40 square feet per ton (approximate)


Our landscape boulders come in many different colors, styles, and textures. Boulders range in size from soccer-ball to waterfall size. These are great for dry creek beds, ponds, and gardens. They are sold and priced based on weight. Boulder coverage can be calculated at approximately 150 lb. per cubic foot.

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