Landscaping Materials

The experts at Thomas Stone & Materials can help you find the right product for your project, including top-quality soil, compost, mulch and more. We’re an official distributor for New Earth, the San Antonio-based leader in sustainably produced soils, compost, mulch and more.


These soils are primarily used for planting turfgrass, creating garden beds and as all-purpose fillers. We also offer screened products for a finer, clump-free soil.


If you’re planting fruits or vegetables, this is your soil.  Our New Earth Garden Soil is a blend of manure compost, screened sandy loam, and red sand. The ingredients are blended to provide good permeation and aeration for a healthy root system, making it ideal for both in-ground or raised bed gardens. This product contains no bio-solids, making it safe for your vegetables, fruits, herbs and other edible plants.


New Earth Lawn/Turf Dressing is formulated to provide a great dose of nutrients for your lawn or planter beds. Its unique blend of specialty compost and coarse sand make it ideal as a turf dressing and a top dressing for sod; use once in the spring and once in the fall. Its unique manufacturing process minimizes wood chips through careful blending and screening.


This all-purpose landscape mix is extremely popular for raised bed planting. It consists of biosolid compost, sandy loam topsoil, chocolate topsoil, aged sawdust or leaf mold compost to provide excellent nutrient retention as well as drainage.


Our top choice for installing turfgrass sod! Top Soil Enriched is manufactured using New Earth’s compost (tested and certified by the U.S. Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program) and a screened sandy loam topsoil.  Each product is screened through a ½” screen and blended together to create the enriched topsoil. The compost used in this blend usually has a C:N ratio below 20:1 and a soluble salt content below <2.5 dS/m with organic matter between 40% to 60%. The pH of the current enriched topsoil samples tests between 6.0 to 7.0. Approved equals will be considered.



This type of soil is popular among gardeners as an all-purpose soil. With a mixture of sand, silt and clay, this type of soil typically allows for good drainage in the garden. It’s ideal mixed with organic matter such as compost to retain nutrients and water for your plants. This variety is screened to remove larger clumps.


This mixture of sand, silt and clay  provides good drainage and makes a good base for planting beds.



Our screened topsoil is put through a 2” screen to help reduce large clumps. Topsoil is the top layer of the earth’s surface and is dark in color.  Topsoil is used as general purpose soil and filler used mostly for filing in holes and leveling areas.



Our unscreened top soil may contain large dirt clumps that are best broken up using power equipment. Topsoil is the top layer of the earth’s surface and is dark in color.  Topsoil is used as a general purpose soil and filler used mostly for filing in holes and leveling areas.

The most economical fill we carry, this product is typically used to fill in large areas or bring the level of the ground up.  Our fill dirt may also contain rocks and mulch.


Mulch provides many benefits to the Texas garden. In addition to acting as a cover to preserve moisture and reduce soil evaporation, it reduces the need for watering and keeps root systems cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It’s continuously breaking down in the garden, feeding the microbes in the soil. Mulch also reduces weeds and helps suppress diseases. Available in a variety of colors, pick the look you like best – whatever style you choose, your garden will thank you.


Black Dyed Mulch

A small textured double-grind mulch, dyed to the deepest shade of black using an industry leading coloring system and high grade non-toxic, UV resistant colorant. Great for all landscaping projects.


Red Dyed Mulch

A small textured double-grind mulch, dyed to the deepest shade of black using an industry leading coloring system and high grade non-toxic, UV resistant colorant. Great for all landscaping projects.


Composted Mulch is one of our darkest and most aged mulch products. We use no colorant, ash, or dye in the process. The composted mulch is also known as a living mulch because we put finished compost back into the blend. This product is typically a 60/40 blend of mulch and finished compost, although we can customize this blend to meet your needs.  Works great to add organic matter, beneficial microbes, and nutrients back into a bed while mulching at the same time.


Double shredded, made from oak and other Texas hardwoods. Brown in color.


Double Grind

Made from Native Cedar trees from the Hill Country, this mulch adds a pleasant scent and very native look.  Cedar mulch will help conserve water and is known to repel insects and deter unwanted weeds.  It is run through the grinder twice to ensure consistency through 2” circle screens.


Single Grind

Single grind cedar mulch is a very coarse textured mulch. It is great for erosion control and large landscaping projects while delivering all the benefits of other cedar mulches.


New Earth’s Kiddie Cushion is the perfect addition to your playground or playscape area! Kiddie Cushion contains a specially manufactured engineered wood fiber (EWF) made just for playgrounds and playscape areas, with wood sourced from San Antonio and surrounding areas.

This product has the appearance of a typical mulch found in the San Antonio region, because it’s made from the same types of wood used to make standard garden mulch. However, it’s anything but typical! It has been through a rigorous manufacturing process and product is certified for safety and performance through the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). Our Kiddie Cushion is certified to ASTM- F2075-15 & ASTM- F1292-18, F1951-14 standards and tested by TÜV SÜD America.

Kiddie Mulch never includes recycled, painted, or chemically treated wood, including pallets. The majority of the wood fibers do not exceed 1 ½ inch in length and contain 10-20% wood fines to aid with compaction, adding to the product’s soft texture and performance. Kiddie Cushion is typically darker in color when first installed, due to the moisture content in the product. The product should lighten up in color once installed and exposed to the elements (sunlight, wind, etc.)


Certified compost for the maximum benefit to your landscape.

Compost is an essential part of a healthy landscape, providing a wide range of benefits to your lawn, plants and vegetables. Compost replenishes the earth and closes the nutrient loop that begins when harvested plants extract nutrients from the soil.

Compost adds organic matter to the soil, adding beneficial macro and micronutrients and providing many beneficial microbes to the soil. Millions of beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae) and bacteria in the compost break down organic matter and release nutrients into the soil. Compost promotes water retention, builds soil structure and provides aeration, while stabilizing pH.

As an official distributor for high-quality New Earth compost products, Thomas Stone & Materials is your one-stop compost shop.

New Earth compost products are tested and approved by the U.S. Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program (STA), which guarantees that our composts meet specific standards for quality, maturity and performance.


New Earth Premium Manure-based Compost is used mainly as a feeding agent for food gardens, flower beds and lawns.

This is a premium organic blend is a combination of animal manures, food/vegetable waste, liquid waste, and various wood wastes, which are limited to sawdust, green waste, and wood shavings.

This product is blended to the proper ratio of carbon to nitrogen and allowed to start the composting process. Through proper time and temperature intervals, the pile is flipped and composted until maturity is reached.


High in organic matter with good porosity and moisture retention, this is a natural soil amendment ideal for raised beds, flower beds, and general landscape planting. Simply mix 2″ into the current soil. When used as turf dressing, apply 1/4″ to 1/2″ evenly on top of your lawn. Landscaper’s Compost by New Earth is STA Certified by the U.S. Compost Council Seal of Testing Assurance program, which guarantees that the compost meets high standards of quality, maturity, and performance. This is a highly sustainable product created by a process that meets the rigorous standards of both the EPA and TCEQ.

Landscaper’s Compost is produced from biosolids extracted during the wastewater treatment process. These treated biosolids are then transported to our state-of-the-art composting facilities, where they are added to woodchips and sawdust as they enter the composting process.

After months of active composting, billions of microbes have transformed the biosolids into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Landscaper’s Compost restores carbon and nutrients to the land for the good of plants, people and our community.


Sand is a necessity in many landscaping projects. Thomas Stone & Materials has a variety of textures, looks and options for masonry, stucco, sandboxes, leveling-above ground swimming pools and any other landscaping project.


Missing – A1 Double Washed Sand, Sand & Gravel Premix, Athletic Field Red Dirt.


Aggregates and crushed stone have many uses in the landscape. Larger crushed stone is often used for backfill and as a sub-base before pouring concrete, or for hardscaping such as driveways or parking pads. Smaller, smoother types of crushed stone are also found in above-ground applications, such as landscape beds, walking paths, playgrounds or dog runs. The experts at Thomas Stone & Materials can help your find the right aggregate for your project.

This is a versatile and affordable natural material that not only looks good, but is nutrient-rich and can actually improve the health of your soil. Thomas Stone & Materials offers a variety of sizes for a wide range of uses, from ground covers to foot paths, driveways to drainage areas.


This is a budget-friendly fill for a variety of landscaping projects. The uses for base are endless. Here are a few examples:

  • As a foundation for small sheds
  • A base for a hard foundation
  • To flatten out a site for patio stone installation before sand or decomposed granite is applied
  • As a driveway or parking pad

A blend of crushed stone and sand, this mix is most often used as a mixture for concrete or as a base or fill material.


Similar in texture to gravel, with a distinctive pinkish-red color, this grade adds an attractive look tor driveways, parking pads and other areas.


A much finer screened granite, naturally beautiful decomposed granite is ideal for pathways, patios and applied between flagstones